Recent published studies confirm SSD is best protocol for managing subglottic secretions and that hospitals (i.e. teaching) with dedicated ICU staff have adopted it faster than other facilities. Organizations recommending use of SSD include:

Progress & Advancement in SSD:

Since the early 1990’s great advancements have been made in understanding how to best manage the aspiration of subglottic secretions. The exhibit below provides a snapshot of key milestones. Please click the chart to enlarge.

kprogressandadvancementchart_rev1 (1)








Extensive Peer Reviewed Data:

Several evidence-based studies demonstrate that intermittent aspiration of subglottic secretions is the most effective modality for the management of subglottic secretions. The following charts provide key findings of these studies. Please click on the charts to enlarge.

cass (1) iass (1) meta (1)