Company Profile

Who We Are

FloSure Technologies was founded in 2011 by Hamid Khosrowshahi, a successful entrepreneur who has spent a career in the area of medical devices. He was the guiding hand behind the success of such products as: Exudry, Kollagen (Medifil and Skintemp), DuraGen (dural graft matrix), NeuraGen (nerve guide) and most recently the PRO series of negative pressure wound therapy pumps by Prospera.

FloSure brings together many years experience and a global network of thought leaders, technical and manufacturing expertise ready to meet the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare market. When imagination, technology and engineering are joined in an inspired and practical way, new, highly effective devices can be brought to market to decrease costs, provide excellent outcomes, enable caregivers in new and efficient ways and take patient care to the highest levels we all aspire to.

What We Do

Guided by clear objectives, rigorous standards and a seamless process FloSure works to:

  • Identify realistic new concepts to enhance patient quality of care
  • Identify deficiencies or flaws in existing devices
  • Develop IP internally and/or identify and secure external IP
  • Develop, engineer and conduct comprehensive product testing
  • Initiate and manage regulatory pathways
  • Manufacture and prepare the product for market
  • Identify suitable partners for distribution