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FloSure Technologies is a global technology and medical
equipment/device company dedicated to bringing new and
innovative medical technologies to the market.

Specializing in the development of respiratory and wound care medical devices, we identify new
challenges and unmet needs in current systems, then, we fund, research, develop and engineer the next
generation of medical devices to meet those challenges. Focusing in the areas of respiratory and
wound care, it is our mission to not only reimagine the future of medical devices by bringing the best
minds and resources available to engineer new solutions, but to also deliver these products globally.



With almost 1 million US COVID deaths, it’s time to evolve how we treat it. Evidence-based mitigation strategies like Subglottic Aspiration can help eliminate half of the deaths.



Harnessing Technology To Reduce Secondary Infections (VAP Pneumonia) In COVID Ventilated Patients


"Using syringe or other conventional suction sources for SSD proved impractical and ineffective in our institution. An 8-month trial of 10 patients using the SIMEX automated subglottic aspiration system resulted in significant increases in volumes of secretions collected, significant decreases in maceration and soiling, and there were no incidents of VAE or VAC."


Jerry Gentile, EdD, MEd, MSHA, MPH, MBA, BSRT, BSHA, RRT
Flatline Health’ LLC, New York