Important information for clinicians treating ventilated COVID patients.
SIMEX system can reduce risk to ventilated COVID patients and clinical staff: automatically collects infectious secretions decreasing the risk of secondary infection, virtually eliminates cross-contamination risk, eliminates the need for manual suctioning maximizing staff productivity.
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The SIMEX cuff M and cuff S bring together advanced engineering and the latest scientific research to provide the most advanced technology available for the effective management of subglottic secretions.

Featuring an all-new, state-of-the-art intermittent mode of therapy that is fully customizable and simple to use this will change the way you manage subglottic aspiration in the ICU and acute care settings.

The SIMEX cuff M and cuff S are the only suction pumps designed and indicated* for aspiration of subglottic secretions.


* The SIMEX Subglottic Aspiration System models cuff M and cuff S are indicated for vacuum suction, extraction, aspiration and removal of surgical fluids, tissue (including bone), bodily fluids or infectious materials from patient’s airway or respiratory system, either during surgery or at the patient’s bedside. Generally, the SIMEX Subglottic Aspiration System is intended for removing subglottic secretions from the patient’s airway above the endotracheal or tracheal cuff using intermittent suction when used in ICU and acute care settings where the duration of mechanical ventilation is limited to maximum of 4 weeks.